What is Assembl all about?

« Assembl empowers hundreds or even thousands of people to create collective intelligence. Not just individual comments. Not just a social network. Not simply sharing existing knowledge. Assembl enables real co-production of fresh insights and new ideas. »

Developed by Imagination for People, this web application helps large groups of people to co-build new ideas. The application is designed to allow large amounts of information to be organized efficiently in order to let people react to, and build on the ideas of others in a productive manner. This is done through the work of a group of people called the Harvesters and is what allows the content of organisation to happen.

Assembl is one of the software components of the CATALYST ecosystem. This ecosystem designed to support the progressive structuring of online deliberation based on participants’ exchanges of normal chronological messages in natural languages. The deliberation is based on a progressive structural refinement process as the conversation and the collective understanding of the chosen subject grows.

For more information, please visit the Assembl website, read the related deliverables or visit our YouTube Channel!