Large-Scale Ideation & Deliberation : Tools and Studies in Organizations

The activities performed within CATALYST provide technical partners with inputs to contribute to research on Collective Intelligence. In an article published in the Journal of Social Media Organizations (JSMO) on March 12th, 2015, Gregorio Convertino, Adam Weterski, Anna De Liddo (Open University, CATALYST’s partner) and Paloma Diaz are introducing the concepts of large-scale ideation & deliberation. The interest for this topic is explained as well as the events that led to this batch of articles. This paper is a necessary preamble to the four research articles also published in the Volume 2, Number 1 of this issue of the JSMO. The first is entitled “Five design principles for crowd-sourcing policymaking: Assessing the case of crowd-sourced off-road traffic law in Finland” and reports on a pioneering case study where crowdsourcing was applied to the law-reform process by including citizens. The second paper, “LiquidFeedback in Large-Scale Civic Contexts: Framing Multiple Styles of Online Participation”, reports on the case studies of two communities of citizens who used LiquidFeedback open-source platform to make large-scale deliberations. The third paper, “Understanding the Roles of Artifacts in Democratic Deliberation from Citizen’s Initiative review”, focuses on an ethnographic study of a community that practices democratic deliberation. The last contribution, entitled “A Roadmap for open Innovation Systems” emphasizes on the future developments of large-scale ideation and deliberation and is more detailed in another news available here.


The whole article is available here.


Gregorio Convertino, Adam Weterski, Anna De Liddo, Paloma Diaz

Large-Scale Ideation & Deliberation : Tools and Studies in Organizations

Journal of Social Media

volume 1, number 2