A Roadmap for Open Innovation Systems

As part of their involvement in CATALYST, partners participate to research papers on Collective Intelligence based on the experience they gathered. A scientific article on open innovation systems written by Mark Klein (MIT / University of Zurich, CATALYST’s consortium partner) and Gregorio Convertino was released on March 12th, 2015, in the special issue of the Journal of Social Media for Organizations, Volume 1, number 2, dedicated to large-scale ideation and deliberation. Open innovation systems are directly related to collective intelligence as they allow the harvesting of the participation of potentially thousands of individuals. If this access to collective intelligence can be a real advantage, it may also be difficult to canalize such a high level of participation and to get the best possible result of crowd-thinking. The article goes through the main challenges facing open innovation systems and gives answers on the ways the research community can move forward on this important topic. Semi-formalized structures, micro-tasks, attention mediation, etc., all these concepts are solutions to challenges such as idea filtering, idea evaluation or even coverage comprehension.


The whole article is available here.


Mark Klein, Gregorio Convertino

A Roadmap for Open Innovation Systems

Journal of Social Media

volume 1, number 2