Two more project reports are now available

The CATALYST project is now fully entering its development phase. You can find out more information on its progress by discovering the “Mock-ups and user stories”  and the “Software architecture and cross-platform interoperability specification” reports, that have been added to the “Public resources” section of this website.

The first document provides a progress update on the development of users interfaces. CATALYST community partners crafted a set of user stories that constitute the functional specifications for the software ecosystem. Low-fidelity wireframes (mockups) have been designed to make sure that the community partners expectations expressed in the user stories are correctly understood, and that the feature is usable as designed.

The second document attempts to describe and standardise the most common interactions of software tools applicable to the Collective Intelligence field, to foster adoption, reuse, experimentation and research. This document is built upon the belief that at this stage in the adoption curve of Collective Intelligence tools, a “lowest common denominator” approach provides the best chance that multiple tools outside the CATALYST consortium will adopt the standard.

We wish you an insightful reading and for more findings, stay tuned!