Developed by Imagination for People, Assembl is a software application that allows hundreds or even thousands of people to work together productively.

It reduces the chaos of working in a large group and facilitates the emergence of innovative, new ideas.

Key features

  • Move quickly from an unstructured discussion to a structured debate
  • Stimulate members of your community with our creativity widget
  • Bring in outside discussions and information from the Web
  • Capitalize knowledge through syntheses after each cycle of the debate



Assembl focuses on moving an unstructured debate toward a structured set of ideas.

Ideas are extracted and organized into a table that provides an overview of the discussion. The unstructured discussion is key to facilitating the co-creation of new ideas while the structuring process allows people to quickly hone in on the area of discussion that interests them. Assembl’s tools help reduce the time this structuring process would normally take by a factor of 10.

In addition, Assembl incorporates a creativity widget that helps users approach topics from different angles to re-animate the discussion.

The process works via ‘rough consensus’ to determine the direction of the debate. After the synthesis is sent out and validated, the discussion process enters a new cycle.


More information about Assembl


Assembl on GitHub