We developed a set of demos and tutorials for harvesters and community managers: follow CATALYST YouTube channel for live updates!

Some examples are presented below:



Assembl empowers hundreds or even thousands of people to create collective intelligence. Not just individual comments. Not just a social network. Not simply sharing existing knowledge.

Assembl enables real co-production of fresh insights and new ideas.

Developed by: Imagination for People




Debate Hub gives online communities a place to:

  • Raise issues;
  • Share ideas;
  • Debate the pros and cons;
  • And vote contributions in order to collectively organize and progress good ideas forward.

DebateHub is distinctive in its use of advanced analytics to show the best argued ideas, and visualisations of your community.

Developed by: Open University






LiteMap gives online communities a place to map out visually a debate that may be happening in other forums or Website.

It is a place to harvest the main issues, ideas, pros and cons happening in an online debate and to connect and visualize them in the form of network graphs.

Developed by: Open University







Edgesense is a simple tool that provides interactive network analysis of the conversation in an online community. It aims to serve online community managers

Think Google Analytics, but for relationships instead of page views.

Developed by: Wikitalia